X-Pro N-TEK Filter - 776BC

    X-Pro N-TEK Filter

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    The reusable N-TEK NanoTek filter is compatible with all 776BC masks and is shaped in a 3D form, allowing for an exceptional fit.
    The N-TEK Filter uses a tricot microfiber face combined with a micromesh back. The fabrics are laminated with Nano treated PVDF in 2~4 micron.

    Care instructions for Filters:
    Hand wash with warm water and soap. Air dry. This product is non-medical mask. It should not be used by healthcare professionals or used in a healthcare/clinical environment or setting. Filter Description: Application:
    • This filter cannot generate oxygen and should not be used in hypoxic environments.
    • Please use this filter correctly to avoid serious consequences caused by improper use.
    • Store in a dry and ventilated location.
    • Not suitable for toxic gas environment use.
    • Not intended as a replacement for gas masks and medical masks.
    • Not for use if breathing is impeded or unsteady, or during sleep. Warning:
    • When breathing resistance is significantly increased or when the filter is dirty or damaged, it should be replaced.
    • For individual use. This product should not be shared with others.
    • The product is disposable and can be replaced according to wearing conditions.