At 776BC we’re experts in delivering technical performance products for athletes.

We value functional, beautiful design.
Today, we’re excited to announce an exciting new project.
We’ve partnered with some of the world’s best designers to deliver our most bold and daring designs yet.


Introducing the 776BC Designer Series.

A series of exclusive collaborations designed in partnership with some of the world’s most respected designers.

The first collection is a collaboration with one of Australia’s most iconic designers- AKIRA ISOGAWA.
The AKIRA x 776BC collection draws inspiration from Akira’s birthplace, Japan.


Akira Isogawa is an Australian Fashion icon. Akira is recognized worldwide for his unique designs which are inspired by his Japanese heritage and culture


Akira was born in Kyoto Japan in 1964. The range is designed to hero Akira’s Japanese heritage.


The AKIRA x 776BC collaboration fuses Akira’s iconic Japanese-inspired aesthetic with 776BCs technical performance fabrics and finishes delivering a contemporary collection for those who want their training gear to be both stylish and highly functional.


Akira’s design process began by seeking to identify a print that could be used as the anchor for the range. The print and colours used in the range were inspired by a 1960s Kimono that Akira’s family brought to Australia when they immigrated from Japan


Women's Akira X 776BC Power All In One

Men's Akira X 776BC Power All In One

Women's Akira X 776BC LS Base Layer

Men's Akira X 776BC LS Base Layer

Women's Akira X 776BC Form Tank

Men's Akira X 776BC Form LS T-Shirt

Women's Akira X 776BC Pro Active Short